Research Interests

  • Determinants, economic consequences, and spillover effects of corporate misconduct

  • Regulatory enforcement and deterrence of corporate misconduct

Working Papers

Do compliance monitors provide net benefits to firms? Evidence from bribery scandals

(with Dan Amiram and Igor Goncharov)

  • Presentations: EAA Annual Congress 2022; Tilburg Winter Camp, 2021.

(How) Do firms respond to rivals' corruption? Evidence from financial misstatements

(Solo Authored - Revising for resubmission)

  • Presentations: Accounting PhD Mini-Conference, 2020; FARS Midyear Meeting, 2019; Corporate Finance Annual Conference, 2018; XIV International Accounting Research Symposium, 2018; AAA Annual Meeting, 2018; EAA Annual Congress, 2018; EAA Doctoral Colloquium, 2018; NWSSDTP Job Market and Employability Skills Workshop, 2017; Emerging Researchers Consortium in Accounting, 2017.

Employees' financial wellness, productivity, and firms' myopic behavior

(with Lars Helge Haß , Paul Hribar, and Roberto Pinto)

  • Presentations: Free University of Bolzano-Bozen, 2021; AAA Annual Meeting, 2020.

Work in Progress

Public oversight board inspections and audit quality in Europe